Your target customers are constantly using their smartphones. Be sure to be accessible at their convinience using apps.

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We specialize

We specialize in a cost effective approach to building apps. Without sacrificing functionality or stability we develop robust apps to help your business move forward. Faster and accessible to your customers where there are.

Our hosting features

App Design & User Experience

We arrive at the perfect design that resonates with your end users and target audience. Our skills UI / UX practitioners immerse themselves fully into the user journey to understand the problem at hand. We are less concerned with flash interfaces rather we are observed designing products that are intuitive and addresses the customers pain points.

Technologies are Great At

Design +

Sketch App

Invision App

Adobe Photoshop

Prototyping +

Sketch App




App Architecture & Coding

We architect and code the best platforms most suitable for your purposes. Here at Vectorilo we take app engineering very seriously. From the countless hours spent on architecture design, down to the very details of line by line scrutiny of every piece of code. We are enthusiastically passionate about the creative process and the engineering journey it takes to bring to live the perfect app for you and your business.

Technologies we are Great At

Frontend Engineering +

iOS App Development (Swift, Objective-C)

Android App Development (Java, Kotlin)

React Native (expo-cli, react-native-cli)

Ionic Framework



Backend Engineering +




Elixir – GraphQL




Postgres – AWS

Google Firebase

AI Development Stack

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DL FRAMEWORKSPyTorch • MXNet • Nvidia Caffe • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano
MODULES/TOOLKITSMicrosoft Cognitive Toolkit • Core ML • Kurento’s computer vision
LIBRARIESOpenNN • Neuroph • Sonnet • Tensorlfow • Tensor2Tensor • tf-slim
ALGORITHMSSupervised/unsupervised learning • Clustering (density-based, Hierarchical, partitioning) • Metric learning • Few-shot learning
NEURAL NETWORKSCNN • RNN • Representation learning • Manifold learning • Variational autoencoders • Bayesian networks • Autoregressive networks

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